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Revista de Jazz #10

""...The great Albert Bover, pure silk on the keys...we could listen the superb Bover of the memorable occasions, seducing us with every improvisation". Javier Aspiazu.Gara,23-6-2009.

"Within the 9th edition of the Café Calella 2008, we have the pleasure to assist to the Albert Bover Trio concert, with Masa Kamaguchi on bass and David Xirgu on drums. This trio achieves a passionate and cohesive musical discourse. Albert, brings on the piano an aesthetic tempest, playing with the innocence of a child, the wisdom of an old man and the courage of a madman. Original, profound and straight from the artist's soul to the spectator's one". Juan Carlos Narzekian, director of the Café Jazz Calella.

"Albert Bover is in an extraordinary moment, being difficult to highlight just one of his solos". Yahvé M. de la Cavada. 2-2008.

"One of the jazz pianists more emergents of the european circuit...His last CD expands the jazz to the area of his personal creation." Pere Pons. Avui. 27-3-2002.

"Exhibition of Albert Bover. The solos of the catalan pianist at any moment overflowed the predictable ways of the conservatism of most of the chosen tunes and marked the rereading. In his exhibition, not at any time individualistic, but in service of the group, Bover stablishes that he is in a very good shape and that his potential is equal to the new stars." Pere Pons. Review of the concert of Donald Harrison at "La Cova del Drac". Avui. 23-2-2002.

"With the powerful help of Chris Higgins at the acoustic bass, and specially, an always inspired Jorge Rossy at the drums, Albert Bover signs in trio a high quality record." Joan Anton Cararach, about Esmuc blues . El Periódico 23-11-2001.

"The authority of the jazz pianist Albert Bover adquires in this challenge in solitaire its just dimension. The barcelonist unfolds phrasings of great technical strenght and inventive capacity, supported by a delirious left hand. Randy Weston´s "Hi Fly", starts a discours that includes cites to Ellington, Monk and other masters, a wink to The Beatles and three selfportraits that avale his compositional talent.". Pablo Sanz on Old bottle, new wine. El País. 28-4-2000.

"This CD means the definitive establishment of the pianist Albert Bover between what we could call the jazz elite in this country. Musician of a great versatility.. A pianism of an extrem smoothness of rather reflective moods". Vicente Ménsua on Live in Jamboree . Cuadernos de Jazz. Septiembre-Octubre 1998.

"What a glorious jazz!" . Luis Miguel Prieto Ferrón. Review of the duet concert with Horacio Fumero at Algeciras. El Faro.14-3-1998.

"I always have a great time playing with him. He is a great musician."Horacio Fumero. Diario de Sabadell. 26-2-1998.

"This CD (Duet) is an absolute wonder. Bover and Fumero are two sensational musicians- considering that with their music they do provoke sensations-, but also two generations, two schools and two temperaments that reinforce each other, to, at the end, grow with their union. Bover use the technical recurses of the piano to reinforce his presence and decorates with an suitable coverture his lyrical sound."  Pere Pons, Avui. 14-1-1998.

"The technique, the virtuosism. The absolute mastery of the instrument. Of these, we had from Albert Bover many inspired moments inside a concert of the highest interpretative level". Xoan Antón Vázquez. Review of the duet with Horacio Fumero at the "Cafe Latino" in Orense. La Región. 30-1-1998.

"Great night...the young Albert Bover, in front of the keys of his piano, starts a career that can bring him very far away in the national jazz scene". Miquel Jurado. Review of the concert of Guy Lafitte Quartet at "La Cova del Drac". El País .15-3-1990.