Jamboree Club, Barcelona
With Perico Sambeat at the Jazz Festival of Terrassa
With Walter Norris at the Jazz Festivalof Girona (2004)
With Horacio Fumero at the Jazz Festival of Barcelona (1998)
With Seamus Blake and Andreu Zaragoza at the Jamboree (2006)
With Seamus Blake, Andreu Zaragoza, Tom Warburton and Marc Ayza at the Jamboree (2006)

With Chano Domínguez, Josep Maria Farràs, Matthew Simon, Horacio Fumero, Carles Benavent, Ramón Cardo, Peer Wyboris, Salvador Niebla and Jorge Pardo at the Tribute and delivery of the "Tete Montoliu" awards at the Palau de la Música of Barcelona (1999)

With Mario Rossy and Emilio Valdés at the Diplo, Barcelona (1997)
With Javier Colina and Philippe Soirat at the Jamboree (1998)
With Kenny Wheeler, Chris Kase, Marc Miralta and Johannes Weidenmueller recording A song we once knew of Chris Kase (2001)
Alexis Cuadrado, Chris Kase and David Xirgu in the CD Te espero aquí of Chris Kase (1999)
With Perico Sambeat, Javier Colina and Guillermo Mcgill (1990)
With Perico Sambeat and Jordi Bonell al Zeleste, at the Jazz Festival of Barcelona (1987)

With Perico Sambeat, Jordi Bonell, Mario Rossy, Jorge Rossy and Dani Forcada. Concert of "Azúcar Imaginario" Group at the Jazz Festival of Barcelona (1987)

With Dave Liebman, Perico Sambeat, Jorge Rossy and Pere Soto at the International Jazz Workshop of Castelldefels (1987)
Otto Zutz, Barcelona (1987)
With the Taller de Musics BigBand at Plaza Real, Barcelona (1987)